HP VC Direct-Attach FC with 3PAR

At HP Discover last week, it was announced that HP Virtual Connect now provides the ability to  direct attach connect to Fibre channel storage not requiring dedicated Fibre Channel switches. This new capability in Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules increases the efficiency of server and storage connectivity by flattening the SAN Fabric.  Designed for virtual and cloud workloads, this solution reduces storage networking costs by 50% and enables 2.5X faster provisioning compared to competitive offerings. 

HP Virtual Connect Direct-Attach Fibre Channel


You can now connect HP 3PAR Storage Systems directly to the HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric Module, and remove the need for an intermediate SAN fabric.

In addition to being much more cost-efficient, management of your storage solution is made easier. HP Virtual Connect Direct Attached Fibre Channel has removed the complexity of FC switch management, zoning and provisioning. Based on HP Engineering testing, on average, the time per server for storage provisioning, zoning and propagation takes less than 10 minutes.

HP Virtual Connect Direct-Attach for HP 3PAR Storage Systems helps you to:

Reduce costs
        Do away with the need for expensive SAN fabrics
        Save on operating costs and cut down on capital expenditure
        Scale with the “pay-as-you-grow” model, which lets you pay for only what you need now

Overcome complexity
        Connect Virtual Connect FlexFabric Fibre Channel directly to HP 3PAR FC storage to simplify your server connections
        Improve efficiency with simplified fabric management tools
        Configure your Virtual Connect as “direct attach” and/or “fabric attach,” depending on your solution design

Simplify management
        Manage through a single pane of glass with Virtual Connect Manager Web-based and Command Line Interfaces
        Use Virtual Connect technology to further improve management efficiency
        Reduce disparity with separate fabric and interconnect management

The feature will be available in an upcoming firmware release during the second half of CY2012. All you will have to do is download it to your Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules. No additional licenses or fees apply. 

Get more information at HP Virtual Connect Technology