Migrating VLANs on an HP Virtual Connect Profile

In preparation for a VMware upgrade and migration to a new network, we ran into an interesting issue with HP's Virtual Connect - specifically, communication on VLAN across multiple SUS (Shared Uplink Sets).

To set the stage, we have a vswitch in VMWare that is currently configured to communicate VLAN1 in a specific port group.  The network side configuration, in our case - Nexus 5000, was communicating properly and showed no blocked ports.

On the HP VC side, we had a configuration that contained the VLAN1 configuration arleady in one place in the server profile.  In order to complete the migration, we needed to create a secondary channel with new port groups and connection (on a new vswitch) that we also configured to VLAN1.

We ended up losing communication on the original VLAN1.  After quite some time troubleshooting, we called our HP VC expert and he simply stated, "Yeah, you can't do that.  You can only specify a particular VLAN it in one place on the server profile."

The issue is the way that the HP SUS can connect.  Since HP VC doesn't route, it can't have the same VLANs configured across two different SUS in a single server profile.

So, lesson learned.  If you need to migrate VLAN in a VC server profile, REMEMBER - it can only be assigned ONCE in a server profile.

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