VSPEX and Isilon/vCenter Integration

If you're interested in viewing the Isilon/vCenter integration, let us know!

Anexinet can provide demonstration capabilities of EMC Isilon and VMware vCenter integration, for customers who are interested in implementing storage support for NAS using the NFS protocol.

This demo system is fully functional with a demo guide for the following:
·         Exploring the Isilon Administration Console and 3 node cluster
·         Creation of Isilon NFS directories
·         Provisioning of Isilon NFS storage from vCenter
·         Add a 4th node to the cluster
·         Scripted NFS provisioning to vCenter
·         Real-time resource scaling and client connection balancing using SmartConnect
Also In this release, we have added licensing to this Isilon demo system enabling the following features:
·         SnapshotIQ  
·         SyncIQ v2.0  
·         SmartConnect Advanced  
·         Isilon for vCenter  
·         SmartQuotas  
·         iSCSI  
·         SmartPools