Anexinet and Genex Services Client Success Story

Sometimes a company needs special help because it continues to be very successful.  A good example is GENEX Services, Inc. of Wayne PA, a leading, privately-held provider of medical managed care. Most GENEX employees are nurses who are case managers that travel from appointment to appointment at peoples’ homes, doctor’s offices and hospitals. Their job is to manage medical costs and work with disabled employees of GENEX’s customers and get them healthy and return to work as soon as possible. That benefits not only injured workers but GENEX’s customers, which include insurance companies and large self-insured employers.

Over the last decade, GENEX, which specializes in disability management and medical cost containment, has acquired nine other corporations, in addition to tremendous growth experienced organically. Such rapid growth has required radical upgrades in all of the company’s activities, especially with information technology. For most IT improvements, GENEX depends on Anexinet, an award winning systems integrator and technology management company. Anexinet has proven success enabling mid-size and Fortune 1000 clients to optimize the value of their IT investments while improving performance and operational processes.

For GENEX, Anexinet continues to provide consulting and implementation services in three crucial Infrastructure areas: servers, storage and networking. Aside from consulting, GENEX has purchased hardware and software from Anexinet in all three areas – as well as Anexinet’s guidance on what to buy from other corporations.  Dennis Robinson, GENEX’s Director of Technical Infrastructure, says he rarely makes a move in his data center without Anexinet’s input.
Robinson says “The first really big thing that we did with Anexinet was implement a virtualization strategy into our IT environment. Due to high growth we were contemplating a major data center build-out. If we hadn’t followed their recommendation to virtualize, we would have needed a major expansion. We would have incurred considerable expense to support our data center, not only for more servers but also for more power and cooling costs and capacity among other things. If we hadn’t virtualized we would have burst at the seams.”

In 2010 GENEX acquired Intercorp’s Worker Compensation and Disability Management Business from Cigna Corporation. Robinson calls it a “game changing expansion.”  Overnight the company went from 2,000 to 3,000 employees causing an immediate need for more IT capacity to handle the increase in billing data and case work data provided by their nurses. 
“Generally speaking, our work with Anexinet is a true partnership. We’ll rarely hire a firm to come in, turn over the keys to them, and let them work on something for us while we just sit by and watch. Usually it’s a collaborative effort, as it was and continues with Anexinet. They are used to me calling and saying ‘we just bought another company and we should talk about what updates we have to make.’ We’ll huddle with them and together we’ll come up with ways to handle new problems. It helps that they thoroughly understand our environment.”      

Robinson praises Anexinet’s data center consulting services as “superlative.” He says Anexinet has introduced GENEX to other Anexinet customers and fosters a communication between them so that each can learn from other’s experiences. “Anexinet doesn’t overpromise or fake it,” he adds. “If they can’t do a particular job, they are upfront and honest about it. And sometimes they point you to who can.” 

Robinson concludes. “Anexinet is one that we consistently trust to be able to give us the guidance we need across all the disciplines. It may sound like a love fest, but I’m really pleased.”

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