EMC Avamar v6.1 Support for vSphere 5.1

I just wanted to inform you that EMC Avamar Engineering has successfully completed testing of vSphere v5.1 and it is now supported. Note that with vSphere v5.1, VMware introduced some new features that are dependent on the VDDK v5.1 (VMware Disk Development Kit). Starting with Avamar v6.1 SP1, VDDK v5.1 will be integrated with our plugin with interop support for new features, such as sparse disks.

Prior versions of Avamar support vSphere v5.1 with the following limitations:

Avamar v6.1: Uses VDDK 5.0 and supports vSphere v5.1, however it does not support the following features:
Avamar v6.0.x: Uses VDDK 1.2.1, which is not supported for vSphere v5.1.

Based on the above limitations with Avamar v6.0.x it is strongly recommended that customer upgrade to Avamar v6.1 before the move to vSphere 5.1.

The next revision of the Avamar compatibility matrix will include this information.

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