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I had the opportunity to attend HP Discover 2013 a couple of weeks ago.  There was a lot of excitement around HP's new strategic direction in four key areas: Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, and Security. None of this is surprising, as these focus areas are the top priorities for most of the IT industry.  What is interesting and note-worthy is HP's solution offerings and approach to these major IT trends. 

Kevin Bacon opened HP Discover discussing the impact of social media and our "connectedness" and the massive increase in IT demands.  By the numbers:

1. 2.5 Exabytes of new data created per day
2. 2.5M internet users in the world
3. 79.5M mobile app download per day
4. $1.8B E-commerce sales per day
5. 269M Tweets per day
6. 209B emails sent per day
7. 1.85T Facebook "likes" per day

As Meg Whitman explained, when looking at the massive increase in IT demands,we can't afford to approach these demands with the same old solutions.  IT needs to evolve and transform to "provide solutions for the new style of IT" - appropriately, the tagline for HP Discover.  Some examples of how HP worked with clients to transform their IT environments are below:

Cerner Medical - implemented an HP Analytics platform (HAVEn) that analyzes, in near-real-time, over 10B records per month to provide its over 45,000 physicians better information to improve patient care.

mPedigree - worked with HP to create a drug verification system utilizing mobile platforms to reduce the spread of counterfeit drugs in third world countries. Read more about it here:

Diversified Agency Services (DAS) - worked with HP to create a centralized datacenter cluster to provide core infrastructure services for their 165 agencies in 700 offices across 40 countries.  read more about it here:

NASCAR - worked with HP to implement a Big Data solution to provide an enhance customer experience and provide real-time analysis of social, web, and traditional data sources to improve client relationship with NASCAR and it's drivers.  Read more about it here:

Those were only few of the many client testimonials on how HP helped transform their business for the new demands on IT. 

And the solution offerings that enabled the organizations above to innovate were the real star-attraction.  Some quick highlights are below:

HP HAVEn - Project HAVEn is a culmination of various HP acquired analytic technologies that have been designed and implement in real-world client cases to solve business-critical problems.  HAVEn stands for: Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security, n Apps (as in n number of apps).  I'll provide a separate blogpost on HAVEn.  More info at the link below:

HP 3PAR - In the Day two keynote, David Donatelli discussed the full 3PAR storage portfolio, including the new 3PAR 7450 memory array.  The key performance stats include over 550K IOPS sustained performance at only .7ms of latency.  A link to the HP Quickspecs can be found below:

HP StoreOnce VSA - HP announced that the HP StoreOnce deduplication platform is now available as a software virtual appliance, similar to EMC AVE (Avamar Virtual Edition).  The StoreOnce VSA will support replication/integration to physical StoreOnce platforms likes D2D4XXX and B6200.  More details can be found at the link below:

HP FlexFabric 12900 - The FF12900 (and 11900) are the next-gen datacenter core switch technologies that allow for true protocol convergence and simplified flat network management.  These switches are Openflow 1.3 capable for SDN integration, (NSX from Vmware), and also provide massive consolidation of trunk requirements when coupled with HP C7000 bladesystems and 3PAR storage.  The 12900 series were a major component in the datacenter consolidation for DAS. read more about the 12900 series:

HP Moonshot - Moonshot is HP's extreme low-engery server technologies. The goal of Project Moonshot is to reduce the power and cooling envelopes of server technologies so that as the demands for compute increase (expected 8M new server workloads to be added in the next 2 years) while mitigating the impact environmentally.  A full rack of Moonshot servers (up to 2,800 servers in a single rack!), only consumes the same amount of power as 12 60W light bulbs.  Read more about Moonshot here:

HP Virtual Connect 4.01 - HP released Virtual Connect 4.01.  Some feature highlights:
Compared to traditional Ethernet and SAN switches, HP Virtual Connect offers up to 47% savings on upstream switch cable connections as well as simplified management and more flexible LAN and SAN bandwidth allocation with Dual hop FCoE.  The release notes for VC 4.01 can be found here:

Stay tuned for additional posts for more details on all of the technologies highlighted above.

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