Custom SqlServerInstall for DSC

As part of my ongoing effort to use DSC to solve all of my deployment woes, I have turned to Microsoft's experimental xSqlPs resource to automate the install and configuration of SQL.   I could have used the standard install with a custom ini file, but I felt this was a good opportunity to add something to the growing DSC community.  The major issue with the existing xSqlServerInstall resource is that it did not take many important arguments.  I have remedied that and below the break you can see how.

The xSqlPs resource can be found here.  By default the resource takes the following arguments:
That's a pretty good start, but immediately I thought of the other things I would want in a SQL install:
The first thing I did was look at the code to see how the existing parameters were being used.  Here's the important part:

$saPwd = $SqlAdministratorCredential.GetNetworkCredential().Password
 $cmd = Join-Path $SourcePath -ChildPath "Setup.exe"
  $cmd += " /Q /ACTION=Install /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS /UpdateEnabled=false /IndicateProgress "
  $cmd += " /FEATURES=$Features /INSTANCENAME=$InstanceName "
  $cmd += " /SECURITYMODE=SQL /SAPWD=$saPwd "
  $cmd += " > $logFile 2>&1 "
As you can see, the script is building a command for an install from the command line.  A few lines later, the script calls Invoke-Command and passes the $cmd variable.  So adding more parameters is as simple as taking them as arguments and injecting them into the $cmd variable.  I looked up the command line syntax for a SQL Server install and found it here.  It's a pretty extensive list of switches.  So I created a custom version of the SqlServerInstall resource and added the parameters.  Below is a Gist of the file.  It's also on my GitHub and I have submitted a pull request to include it in the official community repo.
One thing to note... If you are planning to add your own parameters, the SQL command line install prefers double-quotes on single value items and requires them if there are multiple values or if a value has a space in it.

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