Why Desktop Virtualization is the asprin to make your PC refresh headache go away!

Citrix makes a convincing case for IT infrastructures in the 21st century to abandon their annual PC refresh rollouts in favor of embracing desktop virtualization. Work smarter and not harder and use Citrix and Desktop Virtualization instead of the same lame PC Refresh and change the way your Infrastructure views today's desktop landscape! 


The four points that this article makes with regards to employing a desktop virtualization solution are as follows:

1) Desktop Virtualization makes sense from a financial standpoint to invest in a desktop virtualization solution that will outlast the average three year PC lifecycle, by utilizing the aging PC’s as thin or zero clients and repurpose them without having to invest in replacement workstations.

2) Desktop Virtualization streamlines OS migrations. With desktop virtualization, one golden image for the desktop can be updated as needed and rolled out without any downtime and on-demand desktop to the end user environment helps with minimal productivity loss.

3) Desktop Virtualization simplifies the management of device, desktop, and applications in a centralized manner. Application updates and OS updates can be pushed out behind the scenes quickly to an entire environment. And with using thin and zero clients, there are far less moving parts that have the potential to break and last longer. And with no data stored locally, they are much more secure than their traditional PC counterparts.

4) Desktop Virtualization empowers your workforce. As an organization grows and needs to meet its employees requirements, desktop virtualization allows flexibility with BYOD, telecommuting, and mobility solutions that will give you the ability to be on the cutting edge of technology without wasting key finances that can leverage other IT initiatives.

While desktop virtualization is a growing trend in today’s IT infrastructure and leading corporations, the question you have to ask yourself is this: Do you want to continue down the same old road that needs to be repaved every three years and having to fill in the potholes as needed during that time or do you want to invest in a new direction that will lead you and your infrastructure on a journey that will offer you an ever changing landscape of possibilities? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


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