XenMobile and Enterprise Mobility Management: What is your IT Infrastructure waiting for?

Just a few years ago, BYOD (Bring your Own Device) was new and exciting. Work anywhere on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones without being chained to your desk and the dreaded commute to the office every day. BYOD allowed people to work from home or while on the beach without losing precious productivity hours for the end user, but what about the folks who have to manage the infrastructure that those devices connect to and rely on?

Today with XenMobile Enterprise, a complete enterprise mobile solution needs to offer at minimum the following components:

Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Enterprise File Share and Sync, Mobilizing Windows Applications, Securing Mobile Email and Browsing, Remote Mobile Device Support, Native Device Experience, and Mobile Collaboration.

Empower your people with the tools to manage the mobility scene and enhance the end-user experience in the BYOD landscape. XenMobile offers a complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for the BYO and corporate devices connecting into your infrastructure without compromising the integrity of your security.

EMM offers the following benefit’s:

Mobile device management, mobile application management, and enterprise grade productivity apps.

Create a customized and unified StoreFront that lets you meet the needs of your end-user BYO community including: deliver mobile, Windows desktop, SaaS, and web apps from your corporate storefront. You can also deliver enterprise level email, browser, file share, sync and editing that will have your BYO users applauding your efforts to empower their ability to be more productive in today's fast paced world.

At the end of the day, you might be asking yourself how can my infrastructure securely manage and support mobile users and their devices and also deliver mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows Apps with having your content being secured as well as integrated on one device while employing a single sign-on experience?

Leverage XenMobile and its complete offerings of enterprise mobility management with XenDesktop and XenApp today!


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