Citrix Workspace Suite, Another Great Approach to the Citrix Solutions Model!

Citrix Workspace Suite, Another Great Approach to the Citrix Solutions Model!

Well, it was yet another successful and captivating Citrix Synergy this year! There were also a lot of very intriguing announcements, which will continue to pave the way for Citrix being a leader in the EUC work space.

One of the major announcements that I thought would be worthy of mentioning in this blog is the Citrix way-ahead for their product offerings! Over the next three years, the market for EUC and mobility is projected to increase by 15 times. With this in mind, Citrix is one of the only solution providers out there that actually provides a "complete" package for mobility, VDI, application delivery, cloud, and DaaS (Desktops as a Service). Since they do provide such a comprehensive and robust solution, it does make sense to bundle them all into one bucket. That bundle is called the Citrix Workspace Suite.

Customers can now leverage a fully integrated solution for securing and delivering apps, desktops, files, and services to any user on any device. This will also be a different licensing model in order to encompass every solution that Citrix offers. One interesting statistic to note is that over half of the information workers out there are now working outside of the office, yet the majority of workers are not feeling fully equipped for completing their workflow and tasks.

In order to keep pace with the times and provide the workers with the technology they need, many potential clients are accomplishing multiple purchases of a variety of solutions to get the needed end-result they require. As result, they are managing multiple infrastructures which can account for a lot of underlying costs. Since Citrix already provides all the fully integrated solutions that a customer would need, it only makes sense to combine them all into once model and offering that could either be hosted in the cloud or on-premises in a datacenter. I truly believe that this move will definitely ensure that the client is getting their money's worth at one shot. This will combine XenDesktop, XenApp, XenMobile Enterprise (including ShareFile), XenClient, and Access Gateway functionality with universal licensing for remote access to the entire solution.

Another interesting tidbit of information are the tremendous discounts that Citrix will provide for current customers as well as those that would be willing to take on this solution instead of the VMware Horizon Suite. They are offering up to 50% off for current Horizon and View customers!

For more information, please take a look at the below URLs from the Citrix website:

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