Finally! Oracle Support with AppSync 2.0

Finally! After a long wait we have Oracle support in AppSync 2.0. This past week at EMC World 2014 AppSync 2.0 was announced with Oracle support for version 11g and 12c on Linux and AIX. For those who have worked with Replication Manager in the past you will definitely appreciate this announcement. No more multi-part installs and numerous compatibility guides to have application integration with Oracle. I also confirmed with EMC that VMware RDM and VMDK support for Oracle integration will be available with the 2.0 version. The other major portion of the 2.0 announcement is that VMAX storage is supported. Road map is still NDA but look forward to further integration points with Oracle and SQL in future versions later this year. Official announcement listed below.


Announcing EMC AppSync 2.0

 AppSync now includes important new features for VMAX V2, Oracle Databases and File-Systems.


EMC announces AppSync 2.0, the copy management tool for your critical Microsoft and Oracle databases and VMware datastores (block and file) on EMC VMAX and VNX storage.

What's New in EMC AppSync 2.0?

AppSync 2.0 offers the following new features: