iMobility: Work wherever whenever

Let’s face the truth, in 2014 we live in a mobile world. We embrace the power and freedom that our Smartphones and Tablets and Laptops give us to be productive members of the 21st century workforce. We have become dependent on our ability to be mobile and still fruitful with the need to access email, files, applications, etc…all from a device that can fit in our back pocket. Most of us today own no less than three mobile devices that enable us to be mobile anytime anywhere as long as we have a Wi-Fi or cellular service at the ready. Mobility give us the freedom we crave so we are not forced to travel Monday-Friday to a desk and chair waiting for us with an office kitchen that has yesterday’s coffee to greet us as we start yet another workday. Mobility gives us the ability to work smarter and not harder in today’s fast-paced world and be productive employee’s on the go, at home, and even on vacation. Here is how mobility is winning today!

Today with the trend of mobility taking over the technology landscape, we see a new movement coming into focus, mobile workspaces. A mobile workspace is defined as empowering an employee with access to their desktop, applications, email, and files all right in the palm of their one hand. We already use our personal mobile devices every day to be active and engaging with the world and our workplace from email, cloud services, file sync to other mobile devices. Application access from iTunes to the Google Play store, and social media from LinkedIn to Twitter as well as Facebook. The potential danger lurking around the corner with personal mobile devices becoming our mobile workspace is that with pseudo savvy techy end user. Their mindset of self-service and self-reliance when it comes to providing support for their devices, which can lead to potential security exploits if they are not careful.

There are six core components to ensuring that your IT infrastructure is delivering a complete mobile workspace experience that is critical to empowering your employees to work from anywhere while meeting their IT needs to stay focused and productive.
1)      Mobility- Being able to work from any device ranging from your Smartphone, iPad, Android or Windows Tablet. Access to any application, be it Windows, Mobile, or SaaS application based
2)      File access- Being able to utilize the Cloud to access files while also providing the security your data needs
3)      Social Media- In today’s 9-5 working world, we at times need to collaborate with our peers and colleagues to brainstorm and share ideas and thoughts to be more effective and productive
4)      Secure Mobile Access- IT needs to ensure that when their mobile end user community connects back to the corporate office or their Cloud to access files, etc…that the experience is secure and in compliance to mitigate potential risks
5)      Access-From any network and any Cloud from infrastructure network to the coffee shop Wi-Fi
6)      Access- From any device while anywhere the user experience has to be seamless from an iPad to Windows Tablet to Android smartphone and any mix in-between
Mobility has become the new industry buzz worthy topic and with good reason. It is a proven and growing entity with Citrix and the ever-present development and growth of the mobile workspace today. Our personal mobile and portable devices are becoming our mobile and corporate offices. Mobility is here and the mobile workspace is now a reality for those who want or need to break outside the confines of the prison that is the office cubicle.


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