RecoverPoint 4.0 Consistency Group throttling via GUI

If you are like me you loved the ability of RecoverPoint 3.x to throttle bandwidth of a Consistency Group via the GUI. Simple and easy setting to help save your WAN circuit when doing RecoverPoint replication. I often used this setting with clients during the initial sync for multiple CG’s. Once the CG goes active you can remove the setting and allow the normal journal deltas to come over the wire with maximum available bandwidth. Unfortunately with RecoverPoint 4.0 the setting has been removed from the GUI and allowed only via CLI. So we all thought………

Working recently with a customer we discovered a way around having to use CLI for this setting. We found that the GUI interface for managing RecoverPoint via VNX Unisphere is very similar to the old 3.x stand-alone interface for RecoverPoint. We decided to check for the setting and sure enough it’s there! After some quick testing the setting does in fact work. The picture below shows the location in Unisphere to change the setting (Data Protection/RecoverPoint/Consistency Groups tab). Just make sure to click on the top level of the consistency group, hit properties, and then select the Policy tab in the new window. Resource Allocation contains the setting.

  1. When limiting the bandwidth ensure that groups with limited bandwidth are not configured to run on an RPA with other consistency groups whose bandwidth is unlimited or this feature will not work.
  2. For those that wish to use the CLI method here is the command.
    config_link_policy group=<group name> copy_1=<copy name> copy_2=<copy name> bandwidth_limit=<number> | unlimited