VNX Replicator CLI Replication Setup

Here is a CLI command to setup VNX Replicator replication. For those that are not familiar with the product, VNX Replicator is an asynchronous file system level replication technology that complies with customer-specified RPO. Replicator is included in the Remote Protection Suite and the Total Protection Pack for VNX systems. VNX Replicator provides organizations with the ability to handle disastrous events by transferring NFS and/or CIFS responsibilities to a disaster recovery site.

This command allows you to create a replication name and pick a source file system, designate a separate source SavVol location (by default SavVol is created in Storage Pool the Primary File System is a part of), a destination storage pool for file, destination VDM, Data Mover interconnects, necessary interfaces, and a RPO time of 10 minutes. The command assumes the default SavVol location is used on the destination side but can also be added in if a separate destination SavVol is to be used. 

nas_replicate -create <name> -source -fs <filesystem> -sav <SavVol Pool Name> -destination -pool id=<id of destination pool> –vdm <destination VDM name> -interconnect <Data Mover Interconnect Name> -source_interface ip=<Source ip address for Data Mover Interconnect> -destination_interface ip=<Destination ip address for Data Mover Interconnect> -max_time_out_of_sync 10

If you are a VNX customer and would like to discuss VNX Replicator for your File System replication needs please contact your Anexinet Account Executive to setup a review session.