VNX Virtual Provisioning

EMC VNX Virtual Provisioning provides pool-based storage provisioning by implementing pool LUNs that can be either thin or thick. Thin LUNs provide on-demand storage that maximizes the utilization of your storage by allocating storage as it is needed. Thick LUNs provide high and predictable performance for your applications mainly because all of the user capacity is reserved and allocated upon creation. Both types of LUNs benefit from the ease-of-use features of pool-based provisioning. Pools and pool LUNs are also the building blocks for advanced data services such as Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FASTâ„¢ VP), Compression, and Deduplication. Virtual Provisioning enables organizations to reduce storage costs by increasing capacity utilization, simplifying storage management, and reducing application downtime. Virtual Provisioning also helps companies to reduce power and cooling requirements and reduce capital expenditures.


Now that we understand the general idea behind EMC VNX Virtual Provisioning lets go over some of the highlighted points and improvements discussed at EMC World 2014.