Citrix: Has The Real World Solutions to meet your Real World Mobility Needs:

By the year 2017, only 2.5 years from now, 25% of all enterprises will be utilizing an enterprise app store. There are many benefits of mobility and applications and the marriage of the 2. The advantages of mobile applications today and the future can and will be a game changer to the landscape of your IT group and the needs of your end user community

Today, the growing need and demand of meeting the expectations and productivity of the end user with access and applications is a real world trial by fire. There is a growing need to build custom and mobile applications that can and will help your enterprise grow. Applications provide more potential business return on investments (ROI) for your mobile infrastructure.  

 There is also an increased need to give individual’s access to enterprise applications on the go, which in turn can stimulate and increase business productivity and that need can be met by Citrix and the suite of mobility solutions available. If the mobile community cannot access the applications they need, they will look to bring in their own applications, which in turn can and will create security and compliance risks. Allow Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to meet the unique needs and requirements of your mobile workforce of today and tomorrow.

With Citrix XenMobile, users will have access to the mobile applications they need to do their job will maintaining their privacy and the security of the data and files they need access to. By employing XenMobile as your mobility solution, it allows your company’s IT team to secure company information at the application level, which in turns gives them the ability to contain and protect data, personal and/or corporate from getting lost or deleted.

The upside to your organization of using a Citrix based mobility solution is simple. IT gets to create a unified corporate application store that allows the IT group to deliver any application through: mobility, Windows, SaaS, and the Web. By embracing the mobility solutions offered by Citrix, you can deploy a single point of control for IT, which in turns allows them to offer the best possible solutions to your company’s mobility needs.

Citrix and only Citrix can offer a complete Enterprise Mobility Management solution by offering the following products: Citrix XenMobile, Citrix ShareFIle, Citrix XenApp, and Citrix XenDesktop. All of which gives you the best user experience without compromising security or data loss to meet the needs of all your device, application, and data management scenarios.

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