Outlook shared calendar blues...

Recently at a client site a rather annoying issue kept popping its ugly head up with users and their Outlook functionality...the inability to view or set appointments for a calendar that they have rights to view.  Usually in the form of the following error message.

Outlook cannot open this folder”

After going through the usual culprits such as checking calendar permissions, network and DNS connectivity, recreating Outlook profiles, or resetting the navigation panel, you will come to realization that this is no ordinary issue.

Another symptom you may come across while troubleshooting this is that the address list the user adds the calendar from isn't displaying all of the fields correctly.  You will also notice this problem doesn't occur in "Online" mode, only "Cached" mode.

This is the first clue.  Obviously now we are dealing with something that has been corrupted locally.  Below are the steps needed to hopefully resolve the issue once and for all in the event that having the user in "Online" mode is not an acceptable solution:

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