Relocating your Exchange 2010 DAG to a new Replication network...

To often administrators can make the mistake of performing maintenance on their Database Availability Group without performing the proper checks and balances to ensure that all will be well when replication is enabled once again.  This post will go over the scenario of moving your replication to a new subnet in the event of a DR site build or some other scenario that may force a move to a new subnet.

A couple of items to remember when dealing with DAG networks:

Once these items have been verified, you can suspend replication on the database COPIES you wish to change replication for.  Once suspended, you can then change the NIC IP address settings to the new replication network.

Several items must be verified before attempting to resume replication on the databases.
Once the above is verified, you can resume replication on the database copies.  At this point, replication should be occurring over the correct network.  To verify this, download Wireshark and verify on the replication interface that you see traffic to from the exchange servers using port 64327.  If you don't, recheck your basic network connectivity on your new replication network.