3PAR Online Migration from EVA Zoning Requirements

Having completed several 3PAR online migrations from EVA arrays lately I thought I would share a small guide on zoning requirements. Obviously other requirements are needed before the migration can begin (an EVA, a 3PAR, FC Switches, hosts with data on EVA, Command View 10.3, and others). The tricky part with the migrations is making sure the zoning is correct and configured before beginning the transfer process. In a future blog I will cover the steps needed to complete the entire migration but for now follow the jump to review the requirements for proper zoning between the EVA and the 3PAR arrays.

·        HP 3PAR Online Import requires two FC ports on the destination HP 3PAR StoreServ system configured in the Peer Connection Mode.

·        These ports have to be configured manually by the administrator before starting the migration wizard.

·        After becoming a Peer port, the WWN of the FC port changes from xx:xx:00:02:AC:xx:xx:xx to xx:xx:02:02:AC:xx:xx:xx (the change is underlined).

·        The changed WWN is the one to be used in the SAN zoning of the Peer links.

·        The physical FC ports for them have to be on HBAs in adjacent controller nodes.

o   Example nodes 2/3 or 7/8

·        The one or three other FC ports on the HBAs of an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10000 can be used for host connectivity.

·        Exactly two Peer links are supported to the host ports of the EVA.

·        The Peer links run over redundant SAN switches, direct FC connect is not supported.


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