A Take on XenMobile 10 for EMM

XenMobile was already established as one of the leading EMM platforms, at least in terms of the quadrant. XenMobile 10 now includes new integration between the WorxNotes app and Microsoft Exchange that enables users to sync Outlook Notes from their desktops with the WorxNotes app on their mobile devices. 

The overall result is that notes are securely stored and maintained in one place but can be viewed or retrieved from any PC or mobile device. That was a big step in the right direction.

Citrix also boasts a potential 20 percent reduction in IT help desk calls thanks to a new Self Service Portal that allows users to manage tasks like tracking, locking, and wiping of stolen devices. The result will be lower IT operations costs and more productive users. I am all for that and the idea of "IT as a Service." RES Software has gone that route a while ago, and this product would definitely benefit from further improvements on the ITaaS path.

One of the best features of XenMobile is how well it integrates with the infrastructure and applications businesses already depend on. The intertia that XenMobile has works against change. Even if a better product or service comes along, it’s very difficult to overcome the inertia of established tools and processes. By integrating with Exchange, Outlook, and other commonly used platforms and applications, Citrix enables customers to continue using the tools they’re comfortable with while also getting the benefits of all that it has to offer.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be XenMobile, but organizations that have BYOD policies allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices for business need to have some sort of EMM system in place to effectively manage and protect the data on those devices. If your business is looking for an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system, or you already have one that you’re not entirely satisfied with, it will be worth it to at least set up a PoC to see what XenMobile is all about.

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