3PAR Online Migration from EVA Complete Guide

Last month I posted a blog detailing the zoning requirements for 3PAR Online migrations from EVA arrays. 3PAR Online Migration from EVA Zoning Requirements. As promised, I am posting the complete guide for the entire migration process. The procedure has many pieces to it but as I mentioned last month, the most important piece is the zoning setup so make sure and review the zoning requirements blog before reading this procedure. I have used this process many times now for clients and always had success. Really is a nice little program for migrating EVA to 3PAR arrays with little downtime. After the jump enjoy the full guide!

1.      Install 3PAR Online migration tool into HP command view

a.      Use fix link in folder if 3PAR can’t connect

b.      Might also need to put folder under C:\

2.      Configure 3PAR in command view

3.      Setup zoning between EVA and 3PAR (see zoning document)

4.      Setup host zoning to the 3PAR

5.      If same host appears in 3PAR you must remove otherwise migration setup will fail

a.      Also need to make sure an extra disks presented to host being migrated on the EVA are removed otherwise they will come over during migration

6.      Setup migration


7.      Reconfigure the host

a.      Take volumes to be moved offline

b.      For boot LUNs that are migrated start with step 9 first, then shutdown the box and perform step 8, then turn box on and change boot LUN locations on HBA to 3PAR, then proceed to step 10

8.      Un-zone it from the EVA

9.      Change the MPIO on the host from EVA to 3PAR

a.      Go into control panel and then MPIO

b.      Remove listed HP MPIO (when removed will prompt for reboot DON’T DO IT YET)

c.      Add new MPIO (for 3PAR its 3PARdataVV)

d.      Now reboot the machine

10.   The host and the “pass-through” LUN corresponding to the EVA have been created on the 3PAR

a.      Confirm this!

11.   Verify the host sees the volumes as 3PAR MPIO (pick round robin if not selected)

a.      Check each LUNS through storage manager to confirm MPIO

12.   Start data migration in command view

13.   Data is now available on the host via the 3PAR with the migration occurring in the background

14.   Allow migration to complete

15.   Once migration is complete you will see the task marked as completed in 3PAR and command view will mark old migrated LUN as locked (un-presented) and add a comment in the comments section that the LUN was migrated to a 3PAR

a.      This LUN can no longer be exported on EVA side

16.   Once all migrations from EVA are complete you can remove zoning between the units and turn peer ports on the 3PAR back into host ports