3PAR Peer Motion

Continuing the theme of 3PAR guides, this month I post a quick setup guide for 3PAR Peer Motion. HP 3PAR Peer Motion Software enables Storage Federation and is the first non-disruptive, do-it-yourself data migration and load balancing tool for enterprise storage. With Peer Motion, HP 3PAR StoreServ customers can load balance I/O workloads across systems at will, perform technology refresh seamlessly, cost-optimize asset lifecycle management, and lower technology refresh capital expenditure. This guide is specific to Peer Motion 3PAR Online migrations. Enjoy the guide after the jump.

 1. Only unit being migrated to (target) requires peer motion license

2. Can only be used between 3PAR arrays running 3.1.2+

3. Destination system requires 2 ports to be partners (0:1:1 and 1:1:1 for example)

               a. make sure all zoning is setup at this point. One to one connections for host to peer ports.

               b. All hosts to be migrated must be zoned to old and new storage

4. Once destination ports are converted to peer ports you need to rezone because the WWN’s have changed.

5. Copy storage settings and configuration. Pick what settings you want to copy over (user info, DNS info, etc.) (Will also copy over host information)

6. Migrate Data. Setup first part by picking hosts. Make sure and delay and select to import later. This step sets up the paths between the old array and the new array.

7. Rescan hosts at this time. Do it a couple of times. This sets up MPIO.

8. Go to source system and unmap paths from all hosts being migrated.

9. Rescan hosts again. Do it a couple of times. Making sure that the old paths are no longer seen.

10. Import Volumes. Pick volumes to be moved over. Can convert to THIN at this time. Pick destination CPG.

11.  Replication occurs.

12. Run post migration cleanup.

13. When all completed run remove Peer Motion configuration. Peer ports will change back to hosts ports.