3PAR: Change IP Address of the Array

I have put together the necessary command set to change the IP address for the 3PAR array. This would be used after the 3PAR has already gone through the initial birthing process but you decide you need to change the IP. After the jump I have laid out all the commands.

·       Change IP Address with this command:

o   setnet startaddr CURRENT_IP NEW_IP NEW_SUBNET_MASK

o   example: setnet startaddr


·       Change Gateway IP with this command:

o   setnet startgateway NEW_GATEWAY_IP

o    example: setnet startgateway


·       At this stage both IPs, old and new, are activated on the array.

o   When you confirm that the new IP is reachable, issue the following command and OLD IP will be discarded.

o   setnet finish -f