How to Create an Avamar Replication Report

One of the most common question I get asked is when I install an Avamar gird that replicates to another is, “How do I get a report on replication for my audit?”

While there is no prebuilt report, you can create a custom report to get the status of each job. The report will show whether each job has replicated successfully or has failed for each replication attempt of over a given time window. 

To create a replication report start by logging in to the Avamar Administrator

Next Select  -  Tools > Manage Reports

Now select New to create a new report.

Give a Name to the report and enter a Title for the report.  In this case we will stick with the obvious and we will Name and Title the report Replication Report

Then from the Report View and Settings drop down choose Replication Activities

Leave all other setting at the default and select OK to save the report.

It will show up at the bottom of the report list

At this point it can be run the same as any other any other report in Avamar.