An Intro to Citrix Workspace Cloud

Since its announcement, Citrix Workspace Cloud has received quite the buzz, enough to having stirred up curiosity on what it is and can do. Here’s a quick intro:

Citrix Workspace Cloud is a set of cloud managed services that enables you to securely, reliably and quickly integrate the delivery of apps, desktops, data, mobility, and collaboration software. What makes this so unique is that it does all this by providing you with choice, time to value, focus, and a way to embrace your inner creativity. Its architecture is that similar to ShareFile where the control plane is hosted in the cloud by Citrix.
In the control plan you'll find Delivery Controllers, Storefront, Director, and SQL servers. Customers (small & medium-size) that don't always have the ability to license SQL HA benefit from this model. This time to value excels the stand up of any environment by avoiding the arduous SQL setup conversations, what recommended hotfixes to place in, or the upgrading of a controller, etc. Thus then allowing greater focus towards delivering greater workloads. Workloads that are hosted where we choose. A choice that provides us the ability to select where we want our data to reside - Azure, AWS, on premise, etc. –wherever you want!

Workspace Cloud components consist of apps, desktops, and mobility services powered by XenApp, XenDesktop, & XenMobile. Secured documents are delivered thru ShareFile. And newly introduced is Life Cycle Manager, which allows you to create and utilize Blueprints to your automation liking. So you decide what recipe to cook, whether it be a dab of deployment tasks, a touch of monitoring, a bit of auto scaling, a pint of configuration instructions - it's all based on the actions, scenarios, and results you want. For example: auto scale a new controller on certain utilization levels, power up/down VDA workloads at defined ratios of use, or reconfigure a Netscaler at a hit of certain throughput. Blueprints can even be used for 3rd party applications, such as standing up a SQL server, deploying a software defined solutions, etc. Sky’s the limit!

In summary, CWC provides a spectrum of ways to consume and leverage Citrix technologies to construct a workspace across a range of different resource locations with simplicity around the control plane stack and the infrastructure hosted within those resource locations. Its cloud connector facilitates easy control of these resource locations, all of which makes Citrix Workspace Cloud worth looking into. Learn more today here and here.

Cloud Connector details:

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