3PAR Powering On and Off the Storage System

Here is a quick guide on how to Power on and off a 3PAR Storage System. Most of the time you will never require this but on occasion during a power outage or planned Datacenter shutdown the need could arise to turn on and off your 3PAR storage system. Enjoy the process after the jump.

General precautions

Follow these general precautions when servicing the storage system to avoid injury, data loss and damage:

CAUTION: Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) should be within 10°C (18°F) of the temperature of the computer room before power is applied to them in a storage system. This is especially true for disk drives. The maximum rate of change (gradient) in temperature for the FRU should be 10°C (18°F) per hour. Using improper tools can result in damage to the storage system.


·        Prepare an Electrostatic Discharge-safe (ESD) work surface by placing an antistatic mat on the floor, or table, near the storage system. Attach the ground lead of the mat to an unpainted surface of the rack.

·        Always use a wrist-grounding strap. A wrist-grounding strap is provided with the storage system. Attach the grounding strap clip directly to an unpainted surface of the rack.

·        Avoid contact between electronic components and clothing, which can carry an electrostatic charge.

·        If applicable, ensure all cables are properly labeled and easily identifiable prior to removing a component.


Powering on the storage system

To power on the storage system:

NOTE: The system takes approximately five minutes to become fully operational providing it was gracefully shut down. If the system was powered off abruptly, powering on could take considerably longer.

1.      Turn on AC power to the cabinet(s) by turning on all of the PDU circuit breakers in the cabinet.

2.      Verify that the blue LED on the front of the service processor is illuminated.

3.      Verify that all drive chassis LEDs are solid green and all controller node status LEDs are blinking green once per second.


Powering off the storage system

CAUTION: Never power off or remove a controller node without confirming that the service LED is solid blue.

To power off the storage system:

1.      Connect the maintenance PC to the SP using the serial connection.

2.      Start an spmaint session.

3.      In the 3PAR Service Processor menu, select option 4, InServ Product Maintenance.

4.      Select option 6, Halt an InServ cluster/node, then select the desired system.

5.      Confirm all prompts to halt the system.

6.      Press x to return to the 3PAR Service Processor menu.

CAUTION: Failure to wait until all controller nodes are in a halted state as defined in Step 7 could cause the system to view the shutdown as uncontrolled and place the system in a checkld state upon power up. This can seriously impact host access to data.

7.      Allow 2-3 minutes for the system to halt, then verify the node status LEDs are flashing green (at a rate of three blinks per second) and the node hot-plug LEDs are solid amber (for the HP P10000 3PAR, the service node is blue) which indicate the nodes have halted.

8.      Select option 1, SP Control/Status.

9.      Select option 3, Halt SP.

10.   When prompted, press y to confirm halting the SP.

11.   Wait approximately 30 seconds and verify if the LED on the front of the SP is no longer illuminated.

12.   Turn off all PDU circuit breakers to remove AC power.