PROTIP: Do not add c7000 to OneView appliance in trial mode

HP's OneView appliance has 2 licensing modes:

Both licenses provide full OneView functionality.   However, the license type depends on whether you purchased OneView with the initial blade purchase or after the fact(w/o iLO).

When adding a c7000 Enclosure to OneView you need to choose which of the two licenses you will use.  If you choose the wrong license type,   you CANNOT change it.   This is an issue if you allow OneView to use the default trial mode as it licenses both types during the trial period, so either option will work.  However,  when you enter your OneView license key,  you may find out that you chose the wrong type.  

PROTIP:   When installing OneView never add an c7000 Enclosure without first adding a valid OneView license and verifying in the OneView the license type you purchased.

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