Using vLAN’s with an Avamar metanode and Data Domain installation.

I have done a few Avamar installation that use vlan’s to control that backup traffic.  I have also setup Data Domains to use vlan’s to control data flow to it.   The last install I did however was the first time I encountered setting up an Avamar/Data Domain implementation that need to use vlan’s. 

The issue is, how to get the Avamar to tell the clients the correct vLAN to use when the client sends data to the Data Domain.  Both Avamar and Data Domain documentation show how to configure each to use vLANs, so I won’t go into the setup in detail, but there is no information on how the two work together.

The basic steps to configure it:

When Avamar tells a client to start a backup, it tells the client to direct its backup to the Data Domain.  The client talks to DDBoost over the public/management IP used when it is added to the Avamar during the initial install.   DDBoost then looks at the IFGroup that has the IP address that Avamar gave the client initially.  DDboost will then choose the correct IP/vlan to respond back to the client on based on the clients IP and tells the client to use that IP/vlan to send its backup data to the Data Domain.

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