3PAR 8000 Series RCIP and FSIP ports

After recently installing our first 8000 Series 3PAR we discovered the RCIP ports now default to FSIP ports. The 8000 Series introduced the ability to use the RCIP ports as FSIP (which we knew) but having them default as FSIP was a surprise. No worries! A simple change via CLI returns the ports to RCIP. Be aware, if you try and find RCIP ports in the Management Console before making the change they will not show up. File Persona on a 3PAR can only be configured/managed via the StorServ Management Console (SSMC). The ports will show up in the SSMC but as the default FSIP. Once the ports are changed they will show up in the Management Console and the SSMC as RCIP ports. Use the commands after the jump to change the ports via CLI and enjoy!

This is the command to change the ports. You will need to configure the RCIP IP address and Netmask.

controlport rcip add [-f] <IP_address> <netmask> <node:slot:port>


The next command sets the gateway on the RCIP port.

controlport rcip gw [-f] <gateway_address> <node:slot:port>