Changing the Avamar Replication Type from Cron to Policy Based.

Over the last several weeks I have been migrating a customer over to new hardware, doing root-too-replication, re IP’ing and renaming grids and setting up replication between multiple grids.

The issue that was the most perplexing was how to get rid of the old EMS cron based replication jobs and switch them over to the Avamar Administrator Policy based replication. 

The process if fairly easy but you have to do some prep work.

·         The first thing you need to do, before you run the last root-to-root replication, is to go into EM and make sure there no replication jobs are running.  If there are you can either let them complete of terminate the job.  After that you will need to change the replication jobs start time to “Do Not Run”.  This will not remove the job but it will not show up as a failed replication job after the new grid is cut over.

Now run your final root-to-root replication job to get the last backup jobs over. Shut down the old grid and go through the wonderful lengthy renaming process.

·         Now the fastest / easiest way to take care of this is to log into the grid and run the following command (note that the `` are back ticks, not regular quotes):

mv /usr/local/avamar/etc/repl_cron.cfg /usr/local/avamar/etc/repl_cron.cfg.`date -I`

The replication status in EMS will be marked with a red X to fix this you will need to restart MCS and EMS using dpnctl after making the change.

Don't forget to start the backup scheduler if you restart MCS.

Now you can go ahead and set up the Policy based replication job in the Avamar Administrator.

This will also work after doing an upgrade to your Avamar version, minus the root-to-root replication part.

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