EMC XtremIO Shutdown Procedure

XtremIO Shutdown Procedure
So, you have a fancy new super low latency EMC XtremIO array in your data center. You know how to get sub MS performance out of the array for your applications but do you know how to shut it down should the need ever arise? Read on to find out how to shut down your XIO array clean while avoiding data corruption or loss.

1) Shutdown/Stop hosts that are accessing the XIO array to stop IO to the array.

2) From the CLI run the show-clusters-performance command to verify that there is no IO running to the array. Once you no longer see IO you can proceed with the shutdown procedure.

3) Run the show-clusters command to verify that the array status is ACTIVE CONNECTED

4) Issue the stop-cluster-unorderly command to stop the XIO array.

5) Verify that the XIO array is in a shutdown state by running the show-clusters command.

6) Once you have verified that the array state is stopped (unorderly) you can safely remove power from the rack PDU that the XIO array is installed in.

1) In order to shutdown the XMS server run the shutdown-xms shutdown-type=machine