How to monitor and start a Root-to-Root Replication

Avamar replication is used to copy the data from an Avamar grid to another Avamar grid; we call them as the old source grid and the new destination grid

Login in to both your old and new grids as admin

Load admin bash keys keys
ssh-agent bash
ssh-add ~admin/.ssh/admin_key
When prompted enter password

Before starting replication run  status.dpn  on both grids and verify that the grid is showing no current maintenance task running and is in full access mode.

On the destination grid stop the MCS service
dpnctl stop mcs

On source grid run.  --flush

To start replication run this command

nohup  avrepl --operation=replicate --[replscript]dstaddr=Dest_IP_Addr --[replscript]dstid=root
--dstpassword=Dest_Root_PWD --[avtar]id=root --[replscript]fullcopy=true  
--ap=Source_Root_PWD --send-adhoc-request=false --max-streams=8 --[replscript]timeout=0 &

These are the thigs you need to change in the replication script for you environment. 

Dest_IP_Addr = Ip address of your new grid
Dest_Root_PWD = new grid root user password
Soure_Root_PWD = old grid root user password

To monitor replication progress open a new putty session and enter.

                tail -f /home/admin/nohup.out

As long as it is showing jobs being replicated it is still running. When it is dome here is the text you will see finishes.  The key things to note are highlighted in yellow. 

avtar Info <5069>: - Writing cache file "/usr/local/avamar/var/p_192.168.241.171-tgi-avamarnode1-tgi-exmbxp09.tgi.local.dat"
avtar Info <5546>: Cache update complete /usr/local/avamar/var/p_192.168.241.171-tgi-avamarnode1-tgi-exmbxp09.tgi.local.dat (24.0MB of 32MB max)
avtar Info <5675>: Replicated 6 of 6 backups (0 errors) for client "tgi-exmbxp09.tgi.local"
vtar Info <7925>: Restored 717.8 GB from selection(s) with 3,877 GB in 0 files
avtar Info <6090>: Restored 717.8 GB in 929.19 minutes: 46.35 GB/hour (0 files/hour)
avtar Info <7883>: Finished at 2015-12-16 10:42:06 EST, Elapsed time: 0015h:29m:11s
avtar Info <8468>: Sending wrapup message to parent
avtar Info <5314>: Command completed (1 warning, exit code 0: success)
avrepl Info <6688>: Process 28046 (/usr/local/avamar/bin/avtar) finished (code 0: success)
avrepl Info <0000>: Final summary generated subwork 75, canceled/aborted 0, exitcode 170

Start replication up again to get any new backups that were processed during the initial replication and keep running it until you are ready to do the final cutover.

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